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Welcome to Atlas Plastic Moulding

Atlas Plastic Moulding is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of quality plastic parts specialising in plastic sheet forming, plastic moulding and vacuum forming. We manufacture and replace plastic or acrylic skylight domes of all shapes and sizes, aircraft windscreens, formed train windows, spa pools and much more. In fact, most parts moulded from plastic sheet, Atlas can manufacture.

Our speciality is forming clear polycarbonate or acrylic sheet with optical qualities and this has led to us being awarded contracts here and overseas. Our manufacturing facility is well equipped with modern moulding tools which are all handled by experienced operators.

What We Do

Atlas is a thermoforming company that has been manufacturing plastic parts for nearly 60 years. We mould flat plastic sheet into compound shapes and forms to suit a variety of needs.

Polycarbonate Skylight Dome

Replacement Skylight Domes

If you have a problem with your existing skylight and it needs replacing, Atlas Plastic Moulding will have the solution for you.

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Commerical & Industrial Plastics

Commercial & Industrial Plastics

Atlas Plastic Moulding has been manufacturing plastic parts for industrial & commercial industries for as long as we have been in business.

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Custom Plastic Moulding

Custom Plastic Moulding

Custom plastic mouldings of all shapes and sizes are produced for every industry in Australia on a daily basis. Atlas Plastic Moulding

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Latest Technologies

As the world of manufacturing changes, we at Atlas Plastic Moulding have strived to not be left behind in the take up of new technologies. From the early days of plastic domed skylights in the 1960’s to the new world of plasma manufacturing now starting, Atlas will be engaged.

With nearly 60 years in the industry, you are assured that all aspects of the plastic sheet forming process use the most modern and best techniques available.

Latest Plastic Moulding Technology

We Are Professionals

We are one of the most renowned and respected manufacturers and suppliers of moulded plastic parts throughout Australia.

We Are Trusted

When dealing with Atlas Plastic Moulding you have the reassurance of nearly 60 years of experience in the plastic industry.

We Are Experts

Our ongoing research programs have resulted in breakthroughs in the design and manufacture of polycarbonate products.

World Class Standards

We use only the best moulding tools including forming machines, auto routers, pattern making and assembly equipment.

We can service all your plastic needs

No matter what your requirements, Atlas are your best option for moulded parts.