Custom Plastic Moulding

Custom plastic mouldings of all shapes and sizes are produced for every industry in Australia on a daily basis. Atlas Plastic Moulding can help you with any project as we specialise in moulding flat plastic sheet into compound shapes and forms. Clients come to us with every conceivable idea that they require to be produced in plastic. We provide advice on a selection of material, thickness and cost effectiveness. If the idea requires a different process to what we provide, in most cases we can direct the customer to the appropriate manufacturer.

Our maximum sheet size is 2400 x 1830mm and 2440 x 2440mm. We form in polycarbonate, acrylic, ABS, styrene, PVC and many blends of other materials. When taking on a project we are very careful in the materials we use so we check for moisture pick up, ripple orientation, colourfastness in exterior applications to name but a few. All these things need to be considered in selecting materials for every job.

Special projects sometimes require unusual methods of manufacture and we pride ourselves on being able to meet most challenges due to our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the behaviour of plastic materials. So, if you have something in mind that is out of the ordinary, Atlas Plastic Moulding will find a solution for you.